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  • For Electronic Voucher clients, access the Fuel Card Management System by clicking on the following image:

  • If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our IT Department via mobile:+355697064777

Since January 2018, Gega Oil has been offering fuel cards to customers, enabling them to save on fuel purchases. Gega Oil provides fast, flexible, and highly secure fuel cards in two different types, tailored to the needs of our valued customers who choose us for our high-quality fuel.

The Bonus Card is designed for customers who prefer paying cash at the station. By using the Bonus Card, customers receive a discount of 3 Lek per liter on each fuel purchase. To obtain the card, simply fill out a brief form with details like Name, Surname, Vehicle license plate, and Phone number, and it can be obtained at any Gega Oil station.

The Electronic Voucher is primarily favored by businesses and caters to customers who pre-pay for a specific quantity of liters. By opting for the Electronic Voucher, customers enjoy a discount of up to 10 Lek per liter. The purchased liters can be obtained at any Gega Oil station. For businesses with multiple vehicles, Gega Oil provides one card per vehicle. Additionally, clients receive access to the Fuel Card Management System online platform, accessible via PC or Smartphone, which allows businesses to control and restrict the fuel supply for each vehicle according to their desired quantity and easily generate supply reports.

Using the Electronic Voucher is a straightforward process. Just hand over the card to the gas station employee, who will scan it using a card reader. Each card usage at our stations is logged in our database, capturing details like the station location, supplied quantity, date, and time. This information is automatically uploaded to the client’s Fuel Card Management System enabling businesses to effortlessly generate comprehensive reports on their daily or monthly fuel consumption.

Gega Oil stations are continuously monitored with 24-hour CCTV cameras. If there are any concerns regarding abuse or service dissatisfaction, customers have the option to request access to the recorded footage of their vehicle’s refueling at our station.

(NOTE: The customer data provided to obtain a fuel card is safeguarded by us in accordance to relevant laws and is not utilized by any third parties.)