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If you are an Electronic Voucher client, click on the following link to access the Fuel Card Management System: https://client.gegaoil.al/sq/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f

If you need any assistance, do not hesitate to contact our IT Department: +355697064777

Since January 2018 Gega Oil has been providing fuel cards to all customers helping them save on any supply. Fast, Flexible and highly secure, Gega Oil offers 2 types of fuel cards based on the needs of our customers who chose Gega Oil for the high-quality fuel we trade.

Bonus Card: Serves for customers who prefer paying cash at the station. For each supply, customers that use Bonus Card receive a discount of 3 Lek/Liter. The card can be withdrawn at any Gega Oil station after filling out a short form containing details, such as Name, Surname, Vehicle license plate, Phone number.

Electronic Voucher: Mostly preferred by businesses, it serves customers that pre-pay for a desired amount of liters. Customers that choose Electronic Voucher, receive a discount of up to 10 Lek/Liter. The liters can be taken at any Gega Oil station. For businesses that have several vehicles, Gega Oil offers one card per vehicle. Along with the cards, clients receive the “Warehouse” which can be accessed online via PC or Smartphone which enables businesses to limit the supply of each vehicle based on their desired quantity as well as to easily create supply reports.

The procedure of using the Electronic Voucher is simple. The card is handed over to the gas station employee who scans the card using the card reader. Each card used for supply at our stations leaves a mark on our database and records the location of the station where it was used, the quantity supplied, the date and time. This data is automatically uploaded to the client’s “Warehouse” so that businesses can easily create detailed reports on daily or monthly fuel consumption.

If there are suspicions of abuse or service dissatisfaction, each Gega Oil station is monitored with CCTV cameras 24 hours a day and records will be made available to the customer upon request.

(NOTE: The data that each customer has provided in order to receive a fuel card, is protected by applicable law and is not used by third parties.)