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CEO’s Message

Our main goals are to keep on strengthening the leader position in the Albanian Hydrocarbons Market and creating new values by improving the quality of products and services while using a state-of-the-art technology.

We have always pursued and will continue to follow a long-term and controlled strategy, based on risk management.

Being independent and offering qualitative products and services have always been determinant factors that have allowed our company to be stable economically despite of the short-term markets trends.

Know-how, experience, individual and managerial thought and also the flat organizational structure have made GEGA OIL Group, a powerful and flexible partner playing a significant role in the domestic market.

By operating as a wholesale and as a retail throughout Albania and the region nearby, we are always looking to the achievement of a sustainable growth and meaningful partnerships.

There have been almost 30 years of successful work and progress; we believe that this success is due to the strict risk management, to being flexible and to the continuous focus in the trade of oil and gasoline products, warehousing and distribution.

Today our business model is involved in the international level trade, import and wholesale of the hydrocarbon products.

We are proud to say that since its foundation date, our company is in a constant progressive growth and we are committed to do so in the years to come in the future.

All the best,