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Favorite stop on a trip to the South.

In January 2021, GEGA OIL inaugurated the new service station in Savër, Highway Lushnje-Fier Km 1. At this station you will find European standard fuel, imported from the most prestigious refineries in the world. Modern “Coffee Shop” which offers you one of the best Italian coffees, fast food and market products from the most popular brands. Gega Oil also offers products from the prestigious firm “Arexons” to take care of your vehicle as much as possible. Special car wash that has the task of making your vehicle shine like the first day of production.

Part of this complex of services is also “Goma Rrashketa”, one of the best tire shops in the region which offers products from the most famous and highest quality brands in the world, diagnostics of various problems through Robotic Convergence, among the only ones of its type in Albania.

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