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Favorite Stop on a Trip to the Southern Region.

The new service station in Savër, located at Highway Lushnje-Fier Km 1, was inaugurated by GEGA OIL in January 2021. This station features top-quality European standard fuel sourced from renowned global refineries. Additionally, it houses a contemporary “Coffee Shop” serving exceptional Italian coffee, quick bites, and a selection of market items from well-known brands. Gega Oil also provides offerings from the esteemed company “Arexons” to ensure optimal care for your vehicle. Furthermore, a dedicated car wash facility is available to restore your vehicle’s shine, reminiscent of its first day of production
A component of this comprehensive service complex is “Goma Rrashketa,” renowned as one of the premier tire stores in the area. This establishment provides offerings from globally acclaimed and top-tier brands, along with diagnostic services utilizing Robotic Convergence technology. Notably, this technology stands out as one of the few of its kind in Albania, allowing for the identification of diverse issues. Welcome !