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Gega Oil: Albania’s 5th Largest Company

In the year 2022, Gega Oil Group secured its position as the fifth-largest enterprise within the Albanian business landscape. The firm disclosed an annual revenue of approximately 443 million dollars, reflecting a notable 23% year-over-year increment. This upsurge can be attributed to the escalating costs of petroleum and its related derivatives.

As delineated in the company’s activity report for the aforementioned year, Gega Oil Group SHA underwent a reduction in its wholesale trading operations concerning diesel and gasoline. This strategic adjustment was necessitated by the escalating fuel prices observed on the stock exchange, coupled with diminished client demand resulting from the ongoing crisis.

Furthermore, the organization directed its investments towards the energy sector in the Porto Romano region of Durrës. Additionally, it bolstered its pre-existing storage capacity to accommodate the products it engages in trading.