20/06/2024 Price Reference Diesel 10 PPM - 182 lekë
20/06/2024 Price Reference Gasoil Ron 95 Octane - 182 lekë
20/06/2024 Price Reference Autogas LPG - 57 lekë

Gega Oil: Albania’s 5th Largest Company

In the year 2022, Gega Oil Group secured its position as the fifth-largest enterprise within the Albanian business landscape. The fi

GEGA OIL Powers Up: Expanding EV Charging Infrastructure Across Gas Stations

As the world embraces sustainable transportation solutions, Gega Oil, a prominent player in the hydrocarbons industry with a network

Favorite Stop on a Trip to the Southern Region.

The new service station in Savër, located at Highway Lushnje-Fier Km 1, was inaugurated by GEGA OIL in January 2021. This station features t

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European DIESEL ULSD 10 ppm EN-590 Ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD) is diesel fuel with substantially lowered sulfur content. ULSD has a lower energy content due to the heavy processing required to remove large amounts of sulfur from oil, leading to (1 to 2%) lower fuel economy. EN590 describes the physical properties that all automotive diese


European UNLEADED GASOLINE RON 98 The most common type of octane rating worldwide is the Research Octane Number (RON). RON is determined by running the fuel in a test engine with a variable compression ratio under controlled conditions, and comparing the results with those for mixtures of iso-octane and n-heptane Premium Unleaded (98 RON) is


Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Liquefied Natural Gas fuel (LNG) is produced from a mixture of raw components but is predominantly methane and is compatible with diesel technology, subject to the necessary modifications. Since the composition of methane is CH4, Natural Gas Vehicles (NGVs) are burning fuel with a relatively low carbon to hydrogen rat

Oils and lubricants

Shell HELIX From Helix Ultra fully synthetic motor oils that offer unsurpassed protection against sludge and superior wear and corrosion protection, to premium multigrade oils for everyday driving environments, the Helix range of motor oils has an oil to suit every engine. Fully synthetic oils are manufactured from 100% synthetic base stock t


Gega Oil DYNAMIC+ Diesel represents our most advanced performance fuel, enhancing your engine's fuel efficiency. Performance: Dynamic+ Diesel effectively eliminates up to 100% of deposits that impede performance, safeguarding crucial engine components like fuel injectors against future buildup. Higher Cetane Rating: Dynamic+ Diesel boasts


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